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Digital globetrotter, earning money by traveling the world. Here’s who the new “on the road” workers are.

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  • Digital globetrotter: who are they?
  • Nomadic digital work: the best jobs for embracing this lifestyle.
  • Best locations for remote work.
  • How to become a digital globetrotter

Digital globetrotter: who are they?

If we talk about digital globetrotter we think of people armed with laptops working over a good coffee in the center of a metropolis or perhaps at the beach while sipping a cocktail.

Working remotely is a trend that, especially in pandemic times, has affected the outlook of workers and companies.

Employers are beginning to see that establishing a working relationship, based on flexibility, increases their employee’s productivity, while the employee, being able to enjoy the freedom to move around and without “clocking out,” perceives an increase in job satisfaction.

Becoming a digital globetrotter, without romanticizing too much about the positive aspects, is a real life choice where it is the work that follows the person and not vice versa.

Those who decide to pursue this type of career are those who, through technology, earn a living by moving from one part of the world to another with maximum freedom, financing through their work what we can call an “on the road” life.

Nomadic digital work: the best jobs for embracing this lifestyle.

To be a digital nomad, one must be in a profession that does not involve a physical presence in the workplace.

Technology and the increasing spread of digital, have made possible the rise of specialized professionals who basically do not need a desk placed in a particular office to work.

So just owning a computer and a wi-fi connection is enough; the place at this point, is not relevant.

picture of two people working outside with the computer

But which professions are best suited to digital nomadic work?

We give some examples:

  • Blogger
  • Virtual assistant
  • Web/graphic designer
  • Web programmer
  • Writer
  • Digital Marketer

It is important to note that there are still rare cases of salaried employment, as being free from any formality and enjoying a life perpetually on the move is one of the aspects that characterizes the digital globetrotter

Best locations for remote work

We have talked about “duty,” let’s spend a few words on “pleasure”.

What are the most popular places for those who decide to pursue the dream of living while discovering the wonders of the world?

Of course, not all locations are equally welcoming, and most importantly, there are significant assessments to be made when pondering where to “pitch your tent.”

First of all, in order not to turn the adventure into an odyssey, one must be aware of what the regulations are for issuing a residence permit.
So many states, adopt a policy aimed at welcoming the digital globetrotter.

For example, in Italy, with the “remote workers” residence permit, attempts are made to attract talent from abroad as long as they meet certain conditions.

In addition to the bureaucratic aspect, the digital globetrotter evaluates: the cost and quality of life, the climate, and last but not least, good Internet line coverage.

But what are the most popular locations?

  • Portugal
  • Canary Islands
  • Poland
  • Mauritius
  • Morocco
  • South Africa
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
picture of a man working on an hammock

We have mentioned some of them, but on the web and on social media, digital globetrotter communities are full of shared information.

How to become a digital globetrotter

To become a digital nomad, you need to be among the best: without the appropriate skills, it is difficult to fit into a market that is already full of mediocre professionals.

You have to know foreign languages well.

In addition, one must know how to sift through the right channels to contact companies (or be contacted) with which to tie partnerships.

Speaking of which, have you ever heard of is a platform where you can find and get in touch with any company from all over the world quickly.

Just choose the location or use the filters available and you can find businesses to whom you can propose your services.

If you register as a private user you will be able to show others the services you offer and the type of work you are looking for!

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