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Uploading your professional CV has never been easier! It will be visible at a glance.

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  • CV upload on ConneBi. Why upload your CV on our platform
  • What to write on your professional CV and how
  • How to insert your updated CV
  • Who can see your CV on the platform and how can they exploit it?

CV upload on ConneBi. Why upload your CV on our platform is a multi-side platform that was also created to meet the need for direct dialogue with companies that are always looking for personnel.

Today’s world is characterised by sharing events and personal facts with people we sometimes don’t even know and by knowing everything and everyone; or at least we are convinced of it.

Our ‘wanting to know’ and our interest in the affairs of others are the order of the day and all this convinces us that we could have contact with anyone.

The greatest difficulty, however, it seems strange, is in contacting someone or some company. Making yourself known on could be the solution for you without wasting too much time, figuring out how to write a presentation e-mail.

What to write on your professional CV and how

Image of a man writing his CV on the computer

Needless to say, a professional CV cannot lack your personal and contact information, otherwise it is like not presenting yourself at all.

Assuming that your CV is a bit like an identity card with several pieces of information, it is not necessary to specify all of them because sometimes not all of them are useful for the purpose of ‘job hunting’.

A simple, practical example, which I would strongly recommend, is to reduce the list of certificates and/or attestations acquired. If we have taken several English language examinations with certificates, it will suffice to enter the last one at the highest level, which obviously excludes all the others at a lower level.

The same applies to work experience, because if an accountant with many years’ experience at a company wants to change jobs, it will not be necessary to specify that as soon as he graduates he worked six months at a bar as a waiter.

Never forget the personal aspect, for example that of hobbies and passions; we also talk about this here ‘create a new account‘.

We must consider that a good, easy-to-read curriculum vitae is one with a single page where the most important notions stand out to the eye after a first glance.

So the important thing is to remain essential and specific.

However, for the avoidance of doubt, never hesitate to seek support on how to write a curriculum vitae.

How to insert your updated CV

image of a hand that points at a file icon

As far as entering a curriculum vitae is concerned, the steps are really few and simple. I think it goes without saying that registration is necessary, so what are you waiting for?

Sign up on!

That’s it, because once you have completed your personal information, you can access the ‘documents’ area and upload your CV file directly from there.

As you can clearly see, the instructions are also simple so you will not have any problems loading; however, have no fear, if you need anything, you can contact our specialised team who will guide you step by step.

Who can see your CV on the platform and how can they exploit it?

Once the CV upload has been completed, anyone can view it at a glance because, if you have followed all our recommendations, the document preview will appear on the right-hand side of the page.

It sounds superfluous but it is not at all. All companies that want to get to know you, will be able to do so in no time, with a simple glance and by contacting you immediately.

Of course, there is also the possibility of downloading it directly to your own computer so that you can print it out and read it in paper format to suit everyone’s needs.

There’s really nothing else I can tell you, so…

Log on to and upload your professional CV.

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