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Company registry, find out why it is important to update your data on ConneBi

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  • Company registry: how do I find a company on
  • Company details sheet: how it is used by users
  • Company registry: why include it and show the strength of your business

Company registry: how do I find a company on is a web platform designed to improve your business, created for b2b and capable of connecting businesses from all over the world even thousands of miles apart.

How do users find business registry on our platform as quickly as possible?

We have created a unique companies classification and search system that can translate and reinterpret the language and logic of every country in the world.

This allows you to find any company even if you know little information.

Let’s take an example:

Your company produces clothing and is located in Via Filippo Turati in Milan.

Company registry: home page of ConneBi  to find our company
Search results of company records.

You can enter “clothing” and “Milan” in the search bar and you will be given all the matching results.

If you intend to do a more advanced search you can enter “clothing” “via Filippo Turati Milan” and you will find all the companies in the clothing industry that are located on that precise street.

In addition, we have included the ability to do a search using filters, which will allow you to minimize the results.

Company details sheet: how it is used by users

Every registered user has the ability to search for you, find you and contact you in a few simple steps by consulting your business record.

Does that seem little?

Let’s take the example that you are a little-known carpenter on the Web but very famous in your small town for your considerable craftsmanship skills, and a person a few miles further away from you is looking for you to restore his wooden storefront and does not know how to find you; upon entering the platform, the user can type in a specific location, name or type of work, and at that point it is done.

Search results on the home page of ConneBi
Search results of company records.

So, thanks to, you will be in the list of those results and your registry record will be available for viewing at any time.

Otherwise, if you are understaffed and urgently need to find professionals and talent, if you want, job seekers can find your company to send their resume and contact you directly.

Similarly, you can be the one looking for them. Yes, because within you will find all the private users who sign up either to look for a new job opportunity or because they need your company.

Company registry: why include it and show the strength of your business’s purpose is to donate a time- and energy-saving user experience by providing a database of business registries from around the world.

But what if you can’t find a company registry on our platform?

In this case we provide our specialized team who, free of charge, will do the research work for you!

picture of three people in front of two computers helping for create the company registry

All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we will take immediate action to find the business registry you are looking for! is a valuable ally in growing your business, helping you find business and professional contacts for your company in a few simple steps:

Sign up at

  • Find your company
  • Complete your business registry
  • Connect with companies and professionals around the world.

You will be able to do unlimited searches and connect with millions of companies and professionals around the world!

We are waiting for you on our platform…what are you waiting for?

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