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  • The desire to change job: what are the causes.
  • Changing job today: what are the trends?
  • How to change job

The desire to change job: what are the causes.

More than 30 per cent of workers do not do the job they love, or at least the job that corresponds to their qualifications.” (source ‘La Repubblica’ – April 2022)

It often happens that people tend to feel demotivated and uninspired by the professional role they are playing.

The reasons may be many, but there is evidence that dissatisfaction in the workplace has a negative impact on quality of life.

Changing job is an important step, it is a challenging decision and is often opposed by a thousand doubts and misgivings.

Changing job today: what are the trends?

If that time comes when it is essential to look for new opportunities, we feel assailed by an oppositional feeling and, often, think that if colleagues or friends choose stability then it is us who are ‘wrong’.

changing employment job hopping

Instead, changing job often is a new trend that is called job hopping in technical jargon.
It is a practice that originated and is widespread in America, but is also gaining ground in European countries and Italy.
Those who are fascinated by this trend are the younger so-called ‘job hoppers‘, who jump from one office to another without staying too long within a company.

This makes us realise that something has changed within society and that people are thinking more about their career and the concept of working their way up the ladder, but are changing job because they are looking for benefits and advantages.

How to change job

Although we are aware that our ideal job is there waiting for us, we do not have the right tools within our power to find it.

picture of a hand typing on a computer

All existing channels of personnel recruitment do not always meet the needs of workers and companies, and the search for a job requires a lot of energy and time, with the risk of getting no decision made.

In a world that is always in a hurry and constantly changing, to keep up, it is important to rely on optimised services that allow us to monitor the opportunities that best reflect our interests, without the danger of falling into a jungle of job advertisements and useless newsletters!

It was from the need to speed up and improve the recruitment market that was born.

A platform that, by means of avant-garde artificial intelligence, offers you the possibility to find and interface with companies all over the world, consult advertisements or propose your professional services.

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