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Connecting Business

A virtual space for continuous cultural and professional interchange between companies and private users

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Connettiti al social business.
Una nuova multiside platform in grado di far crescere il tuo business e la tua rete di contatti in modo veloce e diretto.
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Business space

Why ConneBi

Any user, at any time, in any location, can expand their search in a convenient way, simple and fast.


• Update your company •
• Find new partnership •
• Study competitors •

Private Users

• Create a new profile •
• Find companies •
• Extend your network •


• Upload your CV •
• Search a new job •
• Propose your services •

Dynamic Connection .

How long does it take you to find new business partners? With ConneBi you can profile new potential customers quickly and effectively.

Lower research costs.

Generating qualified leads is a waste of time and money. With ConneBi you can access qualified professional profiles with a simple click!

New universal language.

The real power of ConneBi? Unify the infinite world professional categories in a single innovative and effective business language: smart, dynamic.

A tangible growth.

You will be able to measure the value of your company by comparing yourself with competitors from all over the world, meet new strategic business partners and monitor your profits.

Don't be left out of the game!

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